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Sparkle Cleaning provides professional residential and commercial cleaning services in Melbourne and around. We strive to create a pristine working environment for your home or businesses where productivity can flourish. Let us handle all of our cleaning needs, so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks easily.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we guarantee you would not be disappointed at all. There is a large population of businesses of all sizes, and many more are opening up every day. Our  cleaning services are well-rounded and flexible enough to be able to address the needs of any business, no matter what its specialization or needs. From air vents to ceiling fans, carpets to windows, tiles to furniture, we will tidy them all.


By choosing Sparkle Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services, your workplace will have a perfect environment where businesses can thrive. We have a vast experience in cleaning everything: residential place, retail stores, restaurants, coffee shops, corporate offices and what not!

We always use non-toxic cleaning products and environment conscious cleaning methods for every job that we have been assigned. This way, we can ensure our clients a safe working environment that’s easy to breathe in, while keeping your place’s carbon footprint low. We understand the importance of going green, as well as the importance of a thorough clean.


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