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Cleaning isn’t exciting, we know. But it is necessary! If you get it wrong the consequences can be disastrous, leading to OH&S issues, downtime, staff illness and even loss of reputation for your organisation. Getting it right can be tricky. It takes an eye for detail, careful scheduling, adequate training and technique, specialist supplies and equipment; and the worst part is, when you get it right, no one notices! You don’t want to worry about cleaning, and you don’t need to, because Sparkle Cleaning has got you covered.

Customer service is the center of what we do. Our cleaners take great pride in being part of Sparkle Cleaning and we look forward to working closely with you at your place, be it residential or commercial, to help you get the results you need. It may sound like a cliche, but we truly want to partner with our customers to better understand their needs! The more we learn about your business, the better prepared we are to service your needs which leaves you to look after the important things in your day-to-day tasks.

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Unlike other cleaning services, all quotes from Sparkle Cleaning are cost nil and are obligation-free.

In fact, we enjoy providing you with obligation-free quotes – because we believe our quotes are so competitive, you can’t say no.

To find out more about our prices, get a quote for your cleaning job now. Simply enter your contact details below and we’ll contact you within the next few hours so you can tell us about your job, and we’ll give you a free estimate.


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